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AL KHAZRAJI CHARTERD ACCOUNTANTS, is a 100% UAE National Auditing company based in Abu Dhabi with branches in Dubai , Sharjah , Ajman & RAK Free Zone, operates as an international firm offering a combination of Consulting Services on Accounting & Bookkeeping, Management & Business Administration, Economic & Feasibility Studies, Auditing, Tax & Advisory Services and Consulting in the pitch of Intellectual Property. We work closely with our Clients, helping them to mitigate risks and grasp opportunities. AL KHAZRAJI Auditing is affiliated to an established Audit company and the group strictly adheres to highest Ethical norms and Professional standards and Quality performance.

AL KHAZRAJI Auditing excels for a consistent standard of service based on high order professional capabilities, industry insight and local knowledge. AL KHAZRAJI's primary objective is to empower and enhance the eminence of this professional workforce in a determined & dedicated level. In UAE's rapid shifting environment, organizations and institutions are constantly re-exploring and reviewing their strategies and positions in the market place. To support our clients in accomplishing their business goals. The multi-disciplinary expertise of Al Khazraji Auditing provides an array of solutions and innovative ideas customized to the local business strategies across the Middle East. Our clientele in include business corporation, Government, Personals, Public & Private companies, Banks, Private equity house, Non-profit organizations and Family business.

At AL KHAZRAJI Auditing, we embrace the values based on the strong vision for the mission. These values determine how we interrelate with our clients to define what we stand for and how we do things. We contribute to the effective functioning of international capital markets. We support forms that strengthen the market's credibility and their social responsibility. We believe that similar reforms must extend to the professional realm. We urge to excel as excellent corporate professionals by creating sustainable, enduring fiscal growth, not only for our affiliate firms and their clientele but also for the enthusiastic level of commitments.