Carbon Credit Business Services

We have gone through the stock market, currency market, commodities market, corporate governance to make the world responsible to the environment we live in; we have to go through a carbon market in the making.
The concept of Carbon Credit came into existence as a result of increasing awareness about the need to reduce, global warming. It took the formal form after the international agreement between 149 countries, popularly known as kyolo protocol.
Carbon credits are certificates awarded to projects that are successful in reducing the Greden House Gases (GHG) emissions that cause global warming.
It is estimated that 60%-70% of GHG emission is through fossil fuel combustion for electricity generation and in industries like cement, steel, textiles and fertilizers. Some green house gases like hydro fluorocarbons, methane and nitrous oxide are released as by- products of certain industrial process, which adversely affect the ozone layer, leading to global warming. At Khazraji we have a team of dedicated professionals to this practice to help corporate to track their carbon foot print and build credit that are tradable.