Auditing & Assurance

Audit is an independent examination of financial information of an entity with a view of exploring an opinion and forms the foundation for the effective operation of the capital markets. Audit quality and methodology is imperative for maintaining trust in the financial reporting process and the integrity of financial information.
KHAZRAJI's audit teams are equipped with high level technical skills and empowered professionalism to provide the sum& substance of a good audit. The salient features are as follows;
Auditor examines accounting framework, complies & consolidates financial statements, verifies business combinations, recognizes incomes and expenses, classifies and measures assets and assets and liabilities and expresses. His opinion on the same audit methodologies must focus on accounting standard & fundamentals and derive good audit judgments based on integrity, objectivity, confidentially, materiality and competence. Technology can provide for effective information gathering, allow for critical data comparisons, and enhance contextual analysis, audit conclusions and reports.
Compliance tools help the auditor meet the professional and regulatory requirements in work assessments, documentation, auditing procedure and reporting procedure and reporting practices. Cultural values should encourage sound judgment and objectivity.